The Groucho Club – Humanity in the age of machines

July 9, 2019; Publisher: ; Format:

We live in times in which addiction to social media is prevalent, many kinds of work are being automated and our psyche is treated as a commodity for data mining purposes. When so many of our public and private spaces are dominated by machines, what does this mean for our autonomy and dignity? Writers Richard Seymour and Lizzie O’Shea will be in conversation about these topics, and their treatment in their new books – The Twittering Machine looks at the human side of the machine and Future Histories applies thinking from the past to current digital dilemmas.

Lizzie O’Shea is a lawyer, writer, and broadcaster. An experienced lawyer specialising in human rights, she has represented refugees, activists, and people targeted by national security legislation.

Richard Seymour is a founding editor of​ Salvage magazine, and author of Corbyn: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics. His next book is The Twittering Machine (Indigo Press, 2019).