Vale Peter Tonoli

March 23, 2020; Publisher: ; Format:

It’s a tragedy to lose someone prematurely, and it’s particularly painful when that person has been such an active and committed member of the digital rights community. I met Peter Tonoli over a decade ago, and throughout that time, he was a constant source of sage advice, incisive knowledge and a sharp wit (always expertly directed). He was a great friend and a lovely person to hang out with. I asked for his help countless times, and I was never refused. I know his generosity was regularly felt by the many people who he encouraged and championed, never getting the credit he deserved, just as he never ran out of patience for doing what needed to be done.

It’s a challenging time for digital rights activists, when we see the immense potential of the digital revolution and also see it being squandered by decadent captains of industry and a second rate political class. Peter was someone who grasped this implicitly, who understood the value of solidarity and the power of organising to reclaim the power of technology for everyday people. There is a big hole in the hearts of all those he left behind. But his family, and especially his children, should know that his immense contribution meant a lot to many of us, and we will be forever be grateful for his legacy.