Digital Face-off: The future of news on global technology platforms

May 26, 2021; Publisher: ; Format: ,


In March 2021, Australia led the world in establishing the mandatory News Media Bargaining Code to force Google and Facebook to pay for the journalism it republishes to attract viewers and advertising.

This development has long-term implications for digital platforms and the sustainability of the news media as well as for concepts of knowledge-sharing in an open society. Some argue that this legislation entrenches the power of existing media outlets by monetising content and therefore threatens the very freedom of the internet, while others argue that it will continue the work of democratising access to quality journalism and information sharing.

Who should own knowledge content on global tech platforms? How can, or should, global media giants be made accountable? How is the media landscape changing under the influence of new threats and controls?

The implications of Australia’s contribution to this extraordinary new public policy was discussed by a panel of industry leaders and media insiders.

This event was hosted by the Digital Studio in conjunction with The Centre for Advancing Journalism