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The Public Square Project

Reimagining Our Digital Future. A new blueprint for a more democratic digital space.

The misinformation engine

It is now six months since Australia’s News Media Bargaining Code was passed into law, and it presents an opportunity to assess the impact of this controversial piece of legislation.

Remembering Steve Rogers, and the struggle for safe access zones

Twenty years ago this week, security guard Steve Rogers was shot and killed inside the Fertility Control Clinic in East Melbourne.

The growth of digital surveillance

Lucie Krahulcova is an international digital rights activist and Executive Director of Digital Rights Watch. Lizzie O’Shea is a writer, lawyer and co-founder and chair of Digital Rights Watch. “It should worry us that we are losing rights as surveillance systems grow...

Vaccine passports are catnip for Big Tech

Digital certificates must be carefully scrutinized to avoid mission creep

Searching the past for a new digital democracy

Lawyer and writer Lizzie O’Shea thinks Lovelace has lessons for us today about we deal with digital technology.

Why the COVIDSafe app didn’t work

Tuesday, March 2, 2021. ABC The Drum Twitter thread.

Alternative Futures of the Paris Commune

Wednesday, 17 March, 2021. Reflection on the revolutionary vision of the Communards, 150 years after the establishment of the Paris Commune.

‘Promising Young Woman’ and the causes of women’s rage

Sunday, 14 March, 2021. Spoiler alert! Watch the movie before reading.

Rape allegations reveal Australia’s toxic political culture

Sunday, March 13, 2021. More than 40 women’s protest marches are planned nationwide.

Treated like children

March 11 2021. Public policy should not be left to the cult of personality.

The Judgment of Paris – Facebook VS the Communards

March 2021. For a modern web platform to take down art on account of indecency is to replicate the behavior of those stuffy gatekeepers at the Salon of the Académie des Beaux-Arts.

Can Australia Save Journalism From the Internet?

Wednesday, 24 February, 2021. The legislation won’t protect the businesses it aims to help.

Facebook VS the media code: whoever wins, we lose

Thursday, 18 February, 2021. Facebook has followed through on its promise, banning news content on its platform.

Australia’s flawed push to make Big Tech pay for news

Feb 12, 2021. Proposed law will align traditional media and tech platforms against consumers.

Antitrust case reveals the dangers of Facebook’s business model

Tuesday, December 15, 2020. At stake is the right to engage online without being watched, tracked or managed.

The trouble with the media bargaining code

Sunday, 14 December, 2020. The proposed news media bargaining code tabled last week has been praised but it’s also deeply flawed.

Regulators! Stand Back

Under a Biden administration, Big Tech is set for a field day

Big Tech and COVID-19 are fueling networked authoritarianism

As borders in the digital century have become more dependent on bytes and servers than bricks and mortar, this phenomenon is both in plain sight and invisible.